04 Desember 2017

Cosmic Soup, the title of Annisa Rizkiana Rahmasari's artwork.

Mbak @autonica is a visual artist & zinester based in Semarang-Yogyakarta. She made this artwork for the release of her australian friend's mini album, Mbak @carlyfernCarly Fern is a multi-faceted performance, sound and installation artist, writer, know-it-all and imbecile.

And Guess what? she is a worshiper of unicorns. COOL!!!

Because the deadline in order to get into Australia before September 9th, Dek Dipi works on it by having overtime.

Occasionally overtime is necessary, because there is a proverb in the Indonesian language which reads: "Lembur pangkal gembur".

Wait, there aint words like that?
If J. S. Badudu were still alive, we would like to recommend it.

T-shirts will be arriving in Australia and clinging to your body tomorrow

Have a great launch, thank you!